Two Months :)


Wow!!! I’ve been gone for 2 months. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been keeping my blog updated. The internet here isn’t too great and it takes a very long time to load anything… But here is a little update. We have been visiting different churches every week and I’m getting to meet a lot of people. Everyone is so friendly and loving ūüôā We’ve been working very hard around the farm to get the Missionary training house together and get the Coopers all moved in. ¬†This weekend we’ll be having a “Viglila” it’s all night prayer and fasting here at the Jubilee Farm. We’ll be having a service and going up the mountain to pray. If everything works out, Jessy and I will be going to stay with the Norris’ in Rio the beginning of next week and then flying to Manaus for a Children’s Crusade. ¬†I’m so excited about the Children’s Crusade!!! Not only because it’s where my grandfather and my father were missionaries, but because there will be around 2,000 kids seeking after God. The whole reason for me coming here, to help Children. It might not be giving them food or a place to stay, but it’s giving them so much more. Something that will change their lives forever! So please pray that God leads us as we make the trip to Manaus. I’ll be posting lots of pictures as soon as I can!¬†

Much love, Olivia 


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